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 Regular cleaning might sound as a boring domestic chore for you but the benefits of a clean house are numerous. Let’s look at some of them.

Reduces stress

It feels so nice to live in a house that is clean and tidy. No stumbling over things on the floor, no pile of clothes and toys all around the house, no stacks of dishes in the kitchen. In fact, the initial process of cleaning prevents unnecessary stress and makes finding different objects much easier.

Reduces bacteria

It is not a secret that living in an unsanitary environment can lead to illnesses caused by pests, bacteria and allergens. Regular cleaning will deter spreading of germs and allergens and will improve your health.

Burns Calories

Look at the funny part of cleaning. If you haven’t got time to do your training. cleaning could be a really good exercise. It is said that for about one hour of cleaning you can burn up to 200 calories.

Helps to cope with anger

You may be surprised but many people turn to cleaning to help them release anger. After a bad day at work or something else you need to vent your frustration. Instead of throwing objects against the wall or shouting at your partner in order to calm your nerves down, it could be a good idea to disinfect your kitchen or bathroom.


We, at PST Cleaning love our job. We do it with passion and dedication to deliver exceptional quality and satisfying results for all of our customers. From our own experience we can guarantee you that cleaning is a great stress-releaver, improves concentration and keeps you in a good mood. We really understand that because of different reasons you may not be able to pay enough attention to your domestic tasks but love being in a clutter-free home. In that situations, here is where our company comes to give you a helping hand.

We aim to make people’s lifes easier and help them to manage with their cleaning tasks. We offer a wide range of cleaning services such as end of tenancy cleaning in North Finchley N12 London, carpet cleaning, regular cleaning and commercial cleaning in North Finchley N12 London. We will be happy to talk to you any time over the week on 0800 043 1766 or via email at info@pstcleaning.com.


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PST cleaning also providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in the following North London areas:
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